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Why write and share your queer story?

You can’t be who you are without saying who you are. This opportunity to communicate with other LGBTQ+ people, to tell your story to people who are in this with you, who want to know you, is a unique chance to be heard…and to inspire.

And here’s the thing about writing—you just have to leap. Be yourself. Don’t try to be James Baldwin or Ann-Marie MacDonald. Write in your own voice, write the way you speak, and let us know you. We want to. There are lots of people around you who want to connect, just like you do.

We deserve to be proud of who we are.

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How to share your queer story?

Format: Written (1000 words max) OR Video (2min max)

Image: Feel free to send a picture of yourself, a picture inspiring your story or no picture at all!

Questions: You can use the following questions to frame your post:

1) "My favourite "OUT" moment" - Tell us about the moment you felt most proud as a queer person?

2) "I wish you could get that about me" - What is that thing that people don't get about you and you wish they did?

3) "Connecting with my people" - How do you ideally like to connect with other queer people and/or the LGBTQ+ community?

We look forward to hearing and sharing yours!

Submit your story via the form below or contact us at with any questions regarding your submission.