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Online dating as substitute for real life interactions: How to come back from it?

In the generation before the online era, people would meet face-to-face in cafes, on streets or at bars. Today these spontaneous moments are not the norm anymore, but rather the exception. Why have they become such a rarity?

The fear of rejection will always be an inherent issue for most people and online dating has become a crutch to this problem. Which is even more prevalent in the LGBTQ+ community. Remember the time you went to a lesbian party and no one dared to talk to you? Even though we are all here for the same reason? What if that person has a girlfriend? Should I risk being slapped in the face by her other half? Or maybe she is just not into girls and I’ll have to face a big “no I’m not, sorry”. So we just stop trying. And come back to the mindless online swiping.

So what will it take for people to be as confident in reality as they are behind their screens? This is exactly where PDA Lifestyle steps in.

We are proposing a new way to be proud, visible, and able to connect with like-minded people in the real world. And simply live the moment.